Turn Your Back on Obama Day

So much for celebrating the inauguration.  In this morning’s read of The Vicki Rant, I learned that President “Change You Can Believe In” Obama has chosen anti-gay, Proposition 8 proponent Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration.  This is an outrageous disappointment and has, per my title, recast the day. I won’t be celebrating with drinks, sitting in front of my television nor clapping my hands with joy.

With 33 days until the fateful day, there are things you can do:

Read more at The Huffington Post Twit, digg, stumble it.

Send a written protest via at the president-elect’s Change.gov site using the contact the transition team form.

Send an email to Rick Warren personally asking him to step aside.

Crawling back into bed now. Thank god/goodness/goddesses/smurfs that there is no Vodka around.


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