Das Leben ist gut

Having real difficulty getting myself motivated for writing. I launched the blog and then disappeared into television. Currently binging Superstore, which delivers genuine laughs alongside a critique of US minimum-wage retail work and low-income living. Is rage-laughing a thing?

August and September were good for me, although it took a moment of journaling to see it. I was too caught up in the tasks I didn’t do – didn’t study as much German as my Habitica task tracker demanded, coding lessons fell by the wayside – while overlooking that those months were committed to travel and celebration. I turned 53, walked and cycled in Bad Birnbach, Hamburg, and in the towns of Usedom, and enjoyed much of the food as a culinary pleasure.

Favorite pics of the summer are will be uploaded below, as soon as I sort out an easy workflow. Until then, this picture from my walk in Stadtpark Lichtenberg.

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