This week in #happiness

"We consider a woman's sexuality so linked to her physicality that for a woman to appear naked publicly

Schreit wie am Spieß

4. What is your favorite TV show? Don't have one because I HAVE A LIFE. Wait, then why am I answering this...

No, it is not weakness.

I told Eckhart that our tour of Berlin couldn’t start until noon. I’m having folks over for games on Monday night, I said, and I need the morning to sweep the floors, wash laundry and otherwise get the apartment in

Happy Birthday to me!

This has been an extraordinary year of change for me, some of it deeply painful (lost love, and yes it still hurts) but much of it richly transformative. Am I really writing from Berlin? Yesterday, I was cycling from the


Black. Black people. Black people hair. Black people lips. Black people skin.