Back to School.

Peter makes funny faces, growls and jumps out the window to emphasize to make his points. Auf, mit, an, durch. Prepositions, boys and girls, in case you are guessing.

But no more Peter. He is soooooo last week. That is, I ended my German lessons at Die Neue Schule last Wednesday to start with Friedländer today. German class, Monday through Friday, 8:15 to 11:30 a.m. At such an early hour, I can only hope that my new instructor is as funny and engaging as Peter. Thankfully, it’s mere blocks from here, and to open the door of my balcony is to be enticed to the bakery below. Oh the smell!

I lean over and the tables are already there.

Korey says I need more about this place, Berlin, and it got me to think about the wonders of blogs and to search (oh not too long) for those other random foreigners scattered here in the city with their laptops and silly chatter. I enjoyed a lovely email exchange with Beaman, a young Englishman whose blog had me crying with laughter. I need to get ready for class but sharing the joy first…

Beaman in Berlin’s post of Constance: Noodles and Laxatives in Berlin

Bowlserised’s post of Dog vs Sprog

Broke in Berlin’s post of Luton Airport

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