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Release me

NSFW, so act accordingly. And while not my fetish, I found this depiction of piss-play exhibitionism to be nevertheless enthralling.

Most of us urinate routinely, all day every day. Yet when Judy peed in front of everyone, she turned her body into a spectacle. She was playing with our propensity for shock. And she also showed how much of the power of BDSM overlaps with the techniques of storytelling. With one sentence and one gesture, Judy basically performed an impromptu one woman one line one act play. She got off on the exhibitionism of the performance. And we were invited to voyeur not only to her stream, but to her scene.

The Joys of Watersports, Spectrum Journal

Kudos to the writer, Tina Horn, and a hat tip to femdom-resource for sharing the article!

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