Poor people don’t have money for budget meals (and other “no shit, Sherlock!” observations)

“How can we make it possible for more families to feel like they have the time to enjoy dinner? One way is to give them more control over their time by raising wages and providing more predictable schedules,” Bowen said.

Why Budget Cooking Tips Are Useless For Low-Income Families, HuffPo

A literal LOL here!

In the absence of an anti-capitalist revolution, poor folks are talking about, googling for, and trying to cobble together the resources and time to provide. This has ALWAYS been about making the best of the worst, even if the main target is an overworked middle-class mom rather than a “all I’ve got is government cheese” mom.

If the authors of the book hope that every cookbook or recipe writer in this genre first signs off on the “real answer” of income equality, great! For it! I’ll sign the petition for that campaign.

But the mere observation that poor people have neither the time nor the resources to be the ideal providers for the children they bear within a system designed to both exploit and blame them is a hollow victory for the idealists who want something else.

Disclosure: My personal experience with government-cheese poverty carved a hole in my humanity that will never be filled. Fuck you, you block of absolute classist violence.

HT: Meg W. via Facebook.

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