The medicine cabinet never lies

We have a trick medicine cabinet: it’s quiet to open but the devil to close. The open door folds out and completely detaches from the frame to extend on a flexible arm.  Why? Beats me.  But that means, at parties, when someone inevitably goes peeking into the medicine cabinet, they cannot close it again without making a lot of fuss, clanking and cracking their way into being discovered.

And someone *always* goes in the medicine cabinet.

What for? I have no idea.  It’s too narrow to hold toilet paper and you have to be blind not to see the stack of rolls when you walk in.  I don’t know. Maybe someone needs a tampon.  Or someone can’t resist a closed door.  Or they need an aspirin but don’t want to add “to endure this party” to their question of where can they find it.

But I don’t even have to rig the thing with tennis balls or marbles to easily learn that someone’s been in there.  The poor dears never figure out how to close it.

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