Get this…

So I am biking home last night at around 11 or so.


Come on, ‘s not so late. I was out with Jörn last night.

Jörn. I already told you about him.

Whatever. Keep up. Anyway, he just got back from this fantastic hike with a co-worker of his. It sounded AMAZING.

Shit, I can’t remember…oh, wait, the Dolemites??

Um, noooooo, I don’t know exactly. I need to pull out a map.


Ok, so I’m biking home… Oh, wait, remind me to tell you about the movie we saw.

Well, I *wanted* to see Zombie vs. Ninja but fucking forgot. Jennifer went though. I got an email from her this morning. It sounded heeeelarious.

Jennifer? Do you actually *listen* to me when we talk?

Oh. Right. Well, we went to see Dave Chappell’s Block Party at the Central. Exxxxxxcellent movie and a funky little cinema tucked away….

Ack, I’ll tell you about the movie later!

So I’m biking home and it’s this great night. The moon is HUGE. Just bright and, er, like something out of a movie. Movies on the brain! Anyway, it’s dark, I’m pedaling pretty fast ‘cuz I just want to get the hell home and sleep, and, I don’t know, I’m worried because it’s dark…

Aaaaaarghhh. This is not D.C.!!!! It’s just hard to see the pavement and any bumps or dips. Bike accident recently, remember?


Anyway, so it’s this full moon up and I am just thinking how great life is (yeah, yeah, shut up) when, get this, there’s this guy (I think it was a guy?!?!) and he’s bending over in the dark and his PANTS are down around his knees.

Full moon, no lie.

Why would I make this up?!

Damn, it is so hard to tell you anything.

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