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My Pity Party, but with some balloons.

The iPod died. It was the day after I lost my keys that night of the last World Cup match, and the same day that I had to shell out about 200 Euros to have the lock fully replaced. The whole key thing was frustrating enough, but my pride and joy? I haven’t been without an iPod since I bought my first for Christmas in December 2003.

Oh wait, there was a stolen one in there… Heartbreak.

The struggle to get this latest one replaced has been exhausting. It was under warranty, thank goodness, but the choices were: (1) a few days for a new replacement, but without the “Love strikes twice.” inscription or (2) three weeks but with the inscription. I won’t lie: I cried. I am grateful for the wonderful chaps at Service Offensive who handled the replacement and me with such care.

But the new one came back four weeks later—inscription and everything—and then promptly died. Martin, resist whatever comment you want to share here…

In any case, love will not strike again. The next will be here tomorrow, says Service Offensive, but without the inscription. Sigh.

In the interim, there’s been radio. RADIO. Lord, have mercy.

Ramona reminded me that NPR is now broadcasting here in Berlin. I tuned in for a while, but the “Hezbollah aggressor/Israel victim” perspective was so sickening, I just had to stop. From today’s news, this:

“We did not think, even one percent, that the capture [of the two Israeli soldiers] would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude,” Hassan Nasrallah, the cleric who leads Hezbollah, told Lebanon’s New TV channel. “You ask me, if I had known on July 11 … that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not.”

For further perspectives, here’s a Sky News interview clip of British MP George Galloway on Israel’s aggression and media bias [original link replaced with YouTube archive of video – tammi 2021]. You have to watch it in IE not Firefox. He doesn’t hold back with his outrage. U.S. Democrats don’t have a fraction of his outrage. Frickin’ sellouts.

And there is always the Common Dreams News Center to provide alternative news and commentary for you who are starving for it.

World wars aside, Niels and Irene reminded me that radioeins is broadcasting some great music. True. I’m now FASCINATED by MIA., whose Tanz der Moleküle is also getting a heavy rotation on MTV. uuhuhuh…uhuhuhuhuuhu / Mein Herz tanzt. Absolutely stuck in my head.

The bakery smells are driving me crazy. I have to get some grub. But, for my bestest buddy and fellow goofball, Vicki Linton, I offer this final link to, a site that is dedicated to tea and the occasional news story of ghosts biscuits.

Mmmmm about that time in fact…

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