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A woman after my own heart

Rachel Kramer Bussel, writing for, takes on Esquire‘s “death of the blowjob” piece with hea[r]t. She gets right to the matter of why the article, er, blows:

[The writer] pits fellatio against cunnilingius in some kind of oral sex bracket game, as if the two cannot coexist peacefully and be enjoyed mutually.

What, we’re supposed to choose? You get slapped for that, Esquire.

Double like to Bussel for going on to claim ground as a BJ enthusiast.

The idea that women don’t like giving oral sex is so pervasive that sometimes, for those of us who do like it, we’re treated as anomalies, outliers whose judgment simply cannot be trusted. Just as we shouldn’t be pitting fellatio against cunnilingus, we shouldn’t be pitting BJ-lovers against BJ-haters (though those poles are pretty extreme). I’m in the lover camp, and in fact I would consider a guy who didn’t like getting blowjobs a dealbreaker …

Important to note that I am spending a quiet evening of reading, not doing. Husband? Boyfriend? Tonight sucks … and not in a good way.

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