Obama/Biden rally, 2008
Photo by Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons

McCain beat by a community organizer. And now, the real work.

I have had about 3 hours of sleep but still didn’t manage to be awake for the 11 a.m. EST call of the election.  Vicki rang up at 7, sounding more calm than she had in weeks.

All the jubilation about the Obama victory aside, we are all still awaiting the results of California’s Proposition 8.

Mr. Obama, as everyone declares your election “transcendence” over historical bigotry, I will look to you — the media’s celebrated biracial prodigy — to take a stronger and more principled stance in support of same-sex marriage.

And, no, “civil unions” are not the same.

I look forward (my god, for the first time in many, many years) to our country walking a new path.

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