"Eww ... your parents had sex"

Were you sexually active before you were married?

In case you women missed it, Bristol Palin — young, single mother and daughter of abstinence-only wack-job Sarah Palin — has been crowned a Teen Ambassador by the Candie’s Foundation, according to Time Magazine’s coverage. The foundation works to prevent the “devastating consequences” of teen pregnancy under a wait-until-you’re-married banner that seems to focus exclusively on young women. Among their tips for parents are a series of self-reflective questions that include this gem: “Were you sexually active before you were married?”

Oh golly no! The horror!

In better news, Obama wants to cut federal spending on abstinence-only programs, the Republican-led anti-sex initiative that has plagued our public schools and battered comprehensive sex education.

Clearly, the battle for sanity is not over when hyprocrites — wait! make that “repentant sinners” — like Palin are chosen to provide their wisdom to the wayward. Nevertheless, this nail in the coffin from Obama gives me reason to cheer.

Says Advocates for Youth, “The Obama administration deserves praise for bringing science and evidence back to public health policy and jettisoning the ideological earmark known as abstinence-only.”

Amen to that!

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