The countdown begins

I am exhausted. The travel to Wellington took, in total, 8 hours. That was 2 hours driving to Picton to catch the ferry. Then, it was 1.5 hours waiting for the ferry to arrive (it was late). Between loading and unloading cars and on-foot travelers, the ferry consumed another 4.5 hours. Again, I’m exhausted.

Okay, the day had its good points.

Right after checkout (and laundry, ugh), I took a long stroll along the Matai River in Nelson before doing a steep climb up to the “Geographic Center of New Zealand.” The advertising and signage about the Geographic Center of New Zealand (with caps, thank you very much) is more impressive than the site itself. Still, the beauty of the river walk *and* the awesome view of Nelson and Tasman Bay from the hilltop made the two-hour trek worth it.

LOL, isn’t everything here lovely?

I made my way back down into town and grabbed a bite at the (you guessed it) lovely Caffe L’affare, where I had enjoyed a breakfast the day before. If you are traveling in Nelson, I definitely recommend them. Not only are their dishes savory, but their presentation makes you think you are dining at a place billing twice the price. I lingered there for about 2 hours, reading Desirable Daughters, the October assignment for the book group. I just started but, already 100 pages in, I find it pretty compelling reading. For those of you who recently saw Vijai Nathan’s one-woman show, Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do, at the Takoma Theatre, this book is the same “Hindu woman coming into her own” story but with a lot more detail.

Okay, enough.

It’s 11 p.m. here, and I am fading fast. I’ll skip the details about the showing of The Bourne Supremacy on the ferry or info on my new lodging at Wildlife House for a chance to get some sleep. Let me just say that today is the 3rd, my departure is on the 6th, and the thought of flying home is bumming me out.

Okay, enough. Sleep.

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