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The new bra

So when we were together last week, I was wearing a new bra and panty set. Funnily enough, you made a comment about my previous purchase of a dress. Like “why would you buy something that makes your tits look great when I am not around to notice.”

You didn’t notice the bra. And, damn, I looked good.

Okay, okay, we were in the living room and it was dark. And, jaja, I didn’t stop you to say “hey, clueless man, look!” (Although I did try to take my clothes off slowly…)

But, and in light of our “burlap bag” talk of some time ago, I have changed my mind on that strategy.

I bought two bra sets. One in black and one in a deep blue. Cute things with lace trim. I was excited when I bought them. I will leave you to interpret what I mean by that.

For our next date, choose the color you want me to wear. Again, your choices are black and blue. Then, please, take a moment to compliment (even if all you want to do is “get to the good bits.”)

I hope this public notice helps.

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