What if God was one of us…and had office hours?

From Vicki, this morning’s humor: Barack Obama cast as Jesus by a student artist, generating calls to his art school (good and bad) and the candidate actually having to “distance” himself from the artist.


So George W. Bush can claim to be God’s avenging angel, but a 24-year-old can create derivative art and make the Democratic Party nervous?

I mean, the Obama campaign spokeswoman actually felt compelled to say

…we respect First Amendment rights and don’t think the artist was trying to be offensive…

Good lord.

And just in time for the Easter Bunny, same article:

The piece [on Obama] comes amid Catholic outrage in New York that led to an art gallery canceling an exhibit featuring a nude 6-foot-tall, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ.

That’s outrageous?

I am mounting a public campaign to ask that Holy Father Benedict XVI issue an edict demanding churches cancel their Easter Egg Hunts immediately. No more associating chocolate, bunnies, searches through the grass and good family times with the CRUCIFIXION.

Join my campaign! Please write your request IN LATIN to

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace

or via e-mail

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