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On Monday morning, Richard flew from Hamburg for the U.S. It was his first trip outside of the Americas and—because of one very late night of clubbing that is beyond all description—I caused him to sleep through much of the remaining time that we shared in Berlin.

(Yes, yes, darling: what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin…)

Do come back.

I feel as if I have been saying that a lot lately, but it is not true. Just Richard. And Ramona. (Raaaaaamoaaaaannnna. God knows I miss you.)

Ramona deserved more space here than she received. Maybe because I knew she was reading and shyly edited her out. Maybe because I knew that if I kept my mouth shut, she still could run for president. LOL.

And what can you really say of a “best girlfriend ever”?

I will miss you at CSA.
I will miss you on the DFB.
I will miss you in the KKC…purr.

And all that is unsaid because girlfriends keep each other’s secrets.


Of my own departure, now these many months later, I will say that it was never my intention to stay. You know why I am here. But I applied for and received my temporary stay permit. And last week, I signed on the dotted line with milengo. A contract! Full employment with vacation benefits and a name badge that says “Tammi.”

Ok, ok, no name badge. But Adam, if you’re reading this, I’d like a really cool milengo shirt. One that looks like I’ve joined a bowling league. Bitte. Danke.

If I click my heels three times,
I am home with you. We have never left
the bed. I am breathing in your skin:
you smell of chlorine, candy rings and our
salty sex. Nur ein Wort,
Liebling: remember. This is still
your land.

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