Balcony daze.

Niels is on his way over. We’ll make hamburgers with our fingers in raw ground meat. We’ll ditch purity for fries from the freezer section. But we’ll eat on the balcony. That’s all that matters really.

The temperatures have been steadily increasing since Sunday. That evening, I had folks over for games, my third or fourth Spieleabend. There were seven of us and Martin (oh, Martin!) made jambalaya. He and I had been inspired by watching Shultze Gets the Blues, a film about a polka player from a small German village who gets it in his head to play Zydeco in New Orleans.

Martin managed to slip some shredded coconut in the dish, but I did wrestle with him over the sugar. He conceded, and David and I sighed with relief. Despite the skepticism of we purist Americans (outnumbered in any case), the dish was incredible. Irene, the vegetarian, helped herself to two heaping platefuls. David stopped by the very next day to eat some more on his way to a rehearsal. And Jennifer’s Tuesday email was filled with mmmmmmmmmms…

Go Martin.

Niels is running late so maybe… Just a forkful. And on the balcony in a t-shirt and shorts and blasting music and my head back to watch birds fly by.

Better go.

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