Riesenrad, Baumblütenfest Werder
Riesenrad Baumblütenfest Werder by Pascal Willuhn via Flickr

Change is …

Scary. Beautiful. Exciting. Terrifying. Today is that day. Change. And as vast as our night sky.

Another party. Three classmates—Timory, Joel and Jacob—plus Irene, David and me. We drink leftover wine from the Werder Baumblütenfest. We play Scrabble, the card version, in every language we know. English. German. Italian. A Hindi-not-Hindi word makes it to the table, although not without some argument. David and I are gracious because, with two 50 point words, we can afford to be. Maja? Sure, we will accept that.

Jacob, David and I up on the balcony until 1 p.m. Venus is bright in the sky, and both Jacob and David see two stars shoot past. How could I miss it? I am tucked under my blanket and mellow from the Birne Wein. Jacob is relaxed in the chair, with his feet propped up. David is slightly bopping to the music. They are both looking skyward, but I am looking at Jacob. He is so beautiful.

We argue over the meaning of life. What does this mean anyway? I am adamant that it is nothing more than what we make of the moment.

Like today. With it’s scary-beautiful-exciting-terrifying-ness.

Mom, I am not coming home. Love, Tammi.

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