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Dumb-Ass Dobbs

It is unfortunate that I must torture myself with watching the news at breakfast, of course. And especially in these months and days counting down to a U.S. presidential election. But torture myself I do, and this morning with Larry King Live on CNN. Larry was speaking last night with Lou Dobbs, re-Christened here to the more appropriate name DAD, who is shilling his “Independence Day: The Awakening of the American Spirit.”*

But back to CNN.

DAD wants to pass on his wisdom to the U.S. public.


Here’s just a few gems of that Dobbs would like CNN viewers to believe.

On Governor Eliot Spitzer’s initiative to have only legally licensed drivers on New York streets, including undocumented immigrants, Dobbs: “What is the purpose of an American driver’s license? It’s de facto citizenship.”

For those of you not familiar with the process, USA.gov clarifies that “a U.S. driver’s license is not a federal document, but it’s a permit issued by one of the 50 states’ motor vehicle departments.”

Wow. I bet any immigrant applying for a U.S. green card knows the difference between citizenship and a driver’s test, so why not you, DAD?

On the state of education in the U.S., Dobbs: “Almost half of the black students in the country are dropping out of high school.”

I am sure this will be a matter of surprise for the U.S. Department of Education, whose most current statistics show 10.4 percent for blacks and 6.0 percent for whites.

From whom are you getting your information, DAD? The Klan?

On his detractors, Dobbs: “The fact of the matter is I have tried to bring rationality — despite the accusations of xenophobia, racism, nonsense…”

How could we ever doubt you, DAD?

* I am hyperlinking DAD’s book to the Noam Chomsky website to better awaken my fellow Americans. (You’re welcome.)

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