neon signage of American City Diner
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It’s been 2 years

… and Berlin still holds me close. Do I dare leave? Even for a moment?

Homeward I go.


Where is that exactly?

Just 30 more days and I will fly back for my first visit in two fleet-footed years. I’ve seen Amsterdam again in the time since. And both Begur and Barcelona, although I neglected to blog of it.

But heading back for three weeks in D.C. seems practically unreal. How could I have been away for so long?

How can it be that as quickly as I will arrive, I will be gone again.

Friends here occasionally ask me what I miss.

Well, it sure ain’t politics. (Although seeing Hillary Clinton eat crow on CNN in the post-Iowa fallout sure felt nice.)

I miss veggie burgers at the American City Diner with Vicki. Chocolate bread pudding, tofu-avocado salad, Tex-Mex-Salvadoran … And just yesterday, Meg, Kathy and I were chatting about RT’s and the best calamari in town.

It will be a food tour!

And, no doubt, I will be craving a Berliner Currywurst by the time it is all done.

It’s nearly 1:30 a.m. here. Alex comes tomorrow, and we will paint my kitchen wall into a big ol’ magnetized chalkboard. (Maybe that’s it: Home is Where the Paint Is.)

Time for bed.

See you all soon.

No, no, really.


P.S. I miss you too.

Two years and I am still very much


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