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Stop & frisk to become stop & disrobe as Oklahoma “Hoodie Bill” makes fashion police real

I love the party of small government. Here you have an example of a Republican senator (Don Barrington) who wants to criminalize what you wear. I kid you not, the bill (PDF) says that you will not be arrested if you can prove that you are on your way to a masquerade ball or that you are working as a sports mascot. Otherwise, anything that conceals your true identity on a public street — generally! at any time! — could mean a fine and jail time.

That sexy nurse outfit with wig that you bought just to play around with your boyfriend? Jail time.

Like to cross dress? Jail time.

Working a Santa outfit at Christmas just for fun? Jail time.

Thankfully, the ACLU of Oklahoma is already on top of why this “vague and overly-broad law would invite selective enforcement and over-policing of otherwise law-abiding people.” But, seriously, why do they have to point this out???

Of course, no mention from Barrington that the cost of training police to make these “stop and disrobe” arrests would have to come out of the taxpayers’ wallets. (You’re welcome, Oklahoma!)

Read and weep at Kfor | Wearing your hoodie in public could soon cost you up to a $500 fine. Filing this under #cantmakethisshitup

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