Paging Dr. House

The good news is that they’ve thus far ruled out a whole host of things. The bad news is that there may still be something to find.

Milestones: my first ride in an ambulance; my first CT scan; my first (of three attempted and excruciating) lumbar puncture. Later, I’ll have my first MRI. Woot!

Pro tip for hospitalizations: stop watching episodes of House and stop googling symptoms if you want to calm your mind.

Friends are gems in times of crisis. Vonni & Stephan got me to the emergency room. Lothar brought me goodies and held my hand. And Andreas offered his superhero support (and, yes, smuggling in salty peanuts and keeping me from boredom with tales of stupid movies does count).

Er, yeah, Happy Facebook Friday!

P.S. Mom, I’ll be just fine!

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