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Paula Deen & southern-fried Schadenfreude

In reply to the discussion of a New York Times article posted by Son of Baldwin on Facebook regarding celebrity chef Paula Deen

Hm. I agree that the Food Network was right to not renew her contract, because the work of having to defend retaining her would have been costly both financially and in reputation.

But let’s be real here: the network isn’t “punishing her” they’re defending themselves and their earnings.

There’s no punishment that any corporation is going to mete out for being born privileged in a racist society. That’s our f****** fantasy of what’s happening here — as if this woman’s racism is some surprise betrayal and, BAM!, our corporate overseers are going to deliver mighty social justice.

Give me a f****** break.

Folks, every white you know in the U.S. has inherited the same racist privilege. Unless you believe they all should be fired for that, let’s talk instead about what you’re really celebrating: namely, that FN has decided to disassociate its brand from blatant displays of racist language and behaviors and is letting its personnel and consumers know that.

When they put THAT out in a press release, I’ll cry awesome. Otherwise, this is just pathetic schadenfreude masquerading as justice.

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