"Glorious morning" sign with muffins
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Square muffin

Mark, Sara, Robert and I had a routine of it: an early swim at the downtown Y, followed by breakfast at our usual hangout, then making our way to work.

There is something in routine alone that is the essence of love.

So when Sara asked what I wanted her to bring from Washington, I joked and said, why, a square muffin!

Not only did she pack me a muffin, she brought me a card signed with good wishes by the familiar faces of those places. From Keith, who works the gym’s front desk. From the owner of the City Place cafe. (We called it “the Square Muffin place.”) Even Pat, the woman who worked the desk of the women’s locker room, signed.

Man, I still remember the argument we’d had over that bottle of shampoo…

Did I mention that the square muffin place makes them round now?


Sweet and tasty nonetheless.

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