balcony with flowers and herbs

Balcony daze, part two

I never get sick, Adam said, snuffling and sneezing about the office. I watched him carefully: where he put his hand on the doorknob, the way he held the phone …

My body fought it for most of the weekend. But late on Sunday afternoon I fell into Griebnitzsee, and climbed out, laughing, in my soaking sundress. Maybe that was enough. (But, oh, what a glorious day we had!)

So I am home sick. And without “the nighttime sneezing, sniffling, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine” of good ol’ American television to keep me company.

Still, I have my memories of a wonderful weekend. A kick-ass Modest Mouse concert on Thursday night with Niels and Julian, crowned by sex on the balcony in the late cool air. Then the six of us — Julian, Jill, Rossi, Steffi, Horst, and I — crowded out there on Friday night, laughing and drinking and making right idiots of ourselves. Saturday’s race from the crowded Freibad Pankow with Stephanie, landing just moments before the rain shower at her favorite chocolate cafe. Mmmm. Kakao. Fantastic. The so-late-it’s-dawn of Sunday morning, leaning against Julian in the queue for the Berghain before finally giving in to our exhaustion and cycling home. Later, in the heat of the day, kayaking on the lake — oh the lake! — with Nils and Jenny, whom I met the same day. Afterwards, a late night of relaxing with Wendy, David, and Julian at the Angus on Kreuzbergstrasse.

Even worn, sore and ill, I couldn’t resist the balcony this morning. I’ve planted flowers and herbs — Niels even pointed out my very first tomato. Wunderbar.

P.S. to Julian: Are we there yet?

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