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On 7/29/07, Tammi L. Coles wrote:

Raining men here, metaphorically and literally. Was with Thomas this morning at his place when we heard a loud crashing of glass, a scream, a thud and then more screaming. A man had fallen (or jumped?) from a fourth floor window. I stroked his back until the ambulance crew arrived, trying to keep him calm. Thomas and I were both pretty shaken thereafter. Not even 7:30 in the morning, and hard to return to sleep.

At least it was dry then, and I didn’t have to see the rain carry his blood about the ground. Pouring cats and dogs now.

Copying this to Nielsy because how many times do I want to tell that story?? For the blog? ((shudder))

Miss you both.



The neighbors have been talking. They remember us in the courtyard with the police, the blood and our fallen man. They come to Thomas for news and to offer… what can they do exactly?

His friend finally brings news. The hospital. His legs. An induced coma. But what we want to know is

Why? asks Thomas.

Voices, said the friend. He suffers from schizophrenia had stopped taking his medication. He was hearing voices and, speculates the friend, wanted them to stop.

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