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The Devil Wears Prada… but only authentic Prada.

Okay, so I posted the other day about high-end urinal sales in the States, as found in the Most E-Mailed article list of the New York Times. I was still shaking my head over that one, when…

This morning at #1 on the Washington Post site: “Virginia Men Face U.S. Trial In Peddling of Phony Purses.” It seems that a “purse party” goer got suspicious when those Hermes handbags selling for $19.99 seemed too good to be true.

The trial in one of the nation’s largest counterfeiting prosecutions will feature testimony from representatives of Gucci, Kate Spade and other leading designer labels, according to court documents. Exhibit A will be a sampling of hundreds of purses, hauled into the courtroom one box at a time.

The case is bringing scrutiny to a widespread problem that has been publicly visible for years: trafficking in handbags.

In handbags.

When I think of all those well-heeled women perched on the witness stand or scattered throughout the audience, decrying the exploitation wrought against Fendi, Chanel, Coach and Louis Vuitton, I want to… I want to…


I mean, where else can a child worker from Latin America have her 8 cents per day work praised as it should be if not in the hands of a real appreciator of haute couture?

I mean, what has the world come to?

Are you also trapped in the Matrix? Today’s bonus link: a different perspective on the world of fashion as brought to you by the National Labor Committee, [defunct as of 2017].

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