Inaugural Concert, January 2009

Vicki’s report on the Inaugural Concert

“We made it! It was much milder today and no precipitation. We had to walk from Farragut North as the streets were close below I st. And we got there 2 hours ahead so we could get a least somewhere near the Lincoln Memorial, though we really only saw anything on the jumbotrons. But it was great even being squeezed into a huge crowd with barely room to move.

All of it was great except Bono who sucks and was totally out of place.

Renee Flemming was wonderful, okay no one else in our vicinity payed any attention to her. LOL.

Springsteen was first up and he was pretty good. Garth Brooks was actually one of the highlights, he sang American Pie and Shout and the crowd totally was into it. I didn’t know who all the singers were and they didn’t announce them. I just checked some stuff on the internet to see who some were. The only patriotic song they sang in the body of the concert was Josh Groban & Heather Headley singing My Country Tis of Thee, backed by a chorus, which I just discovered was the Gay Men’s Chorus of D.C. Is the Reagan era dead now? Obama spoke and then PETE SEEGER along with Springsteen sang This Land is My Land.

This is a new era.”

Photo: “Springsteen plays the Lincoln Memorial” by Adam Fagen via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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