What remains

Martin is right: I have neglected to talk of the parties, games nights, food fests and book group dinners that have normalized my life here in Berlin. So, in honor of Saturday’s one year celebration of the anniversary of my arrival, I would like to offer this photo and a memorializing sample of what I had to wash up, recycle and sweep away.

[photo lost]

  • 15 red wine bottles (two of which managed to escape notice)
  • 13 beer bottles (*who* brought the Budweiser???)
  • 12 cigarette butts (Desmond…)
  • 3 complaints from the neighbors (oops!)
  • 2 feet that still ache from dancing (damn the neighbors)
  • and 1 much-loved deck of Uno cards (go Jörn!)

Even emptying the balcony ashtray was a joy.

Thank you all so much for coming.

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