Gender is what you wear.

AdFreak gives a big ol’ yawn to this ad for the Wacoal Mood push up bra, but I love it for how it strips us viewers down to our naked selves.  Gender is this thin. We wear it like this just moments after our push into the world. Wrap the baby in a pink blanket and it becomes a she. Wrap the same baby in blue and, oops, my bad, it’s a boy!

You would think people aren’t so stupid as to need to color code and costume others to get on with the drama of their lives but nope! There are men out there for whom masculinity is so threatened they feel compelled to slap it into the heads of  other people’s two-year-old kids at the Wal-Mart.

Take that, you transgressive toddler!

I argued about this with the Hunter recently. We don’t need to create “the ladies’ edition” of anything more, I said. Not pens, not Legos, and not guns. This isn’t “catering to the consumer,” this is locking us up in itty bitty penis- and vulva-sized cages.

When we do splash some color on it – because there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little color – let’s not forget that for douchebags some of our fellow humans it feels like the  unraveling of their precious little universe.

They’ll kill you for that.

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