Leaving Auckland

It turns out that gathering up my will to leave this city is harder than I had expected. There is a certain comfort in being on foot, in knowing Janene is close by to chat with, and in running into people that I have already met.

But I didn’t come here to stay put.

So, by car or bus, I am leaving Auckland this afternoon. I am back at the Base internet lounge now “researching” the car options. Just two really, both with good rates by U.S. standards.

After a long drive with Janene in the countryside, I am looking forward to doing the same on my own out to Rotorua, near the eastern coast. (Neil and Joan, you should be pleased!) The Rotorua hot springs are supposedly superb, and I am sooooo looking forward to a dip after the chill of last night. I am going to try to book a room at the Kiwi Paka , but (1) this is a student vacation week and (2) Rotorua is a popular tourist destination.

Wish me luck.

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