Rainbow’s End

I had planned to just reach Taupo, four hours north of Wellington. There, I would find a night’s accommodation, wake to a sunrise over the lake and then slowly creep into Auckland

Wellington with Dan

Wellington, like any urban center, is a parking nightmare. I woke at 5 a.m. yesterday and every hour thereafter, worried about moving my car from the street and into the garage. Well,

The countdown begins

I am exhausted. The travel to Wellington took, in total, 8 hours. That was 2 hours driving to Picton to catch the ferry. Then, it was 1.5 hours waiting for the ferry

A kayak on the deep blue

Yesterday’s tour of Nelson’s galleries was a real pleasure. The Suter Gallery had an outstanding exhibit called “Handycrafts, at home with textiles,” which had tongue-in-cheek artistic takes on the domestic arts of

Nelson, in a driving rain

My visit to Greymouth and the Global Village Backpackers was lovely, albeit brief. The bikes there were barely usable, so I ditched them in favor of a hoof into town. Greymouth is


My plan to go to Rotorua was an “if” one. As in, “if I got a cheap car” or “if the bus schedule were favorable I could be soaking in a thermal

Leaving Auckland

It turns out that gathering up my will to leave this city is harder than I had expected. There is a certain comfort in being on foot, in knowing Janene is close

The sea, the sea

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yesterday. Another museum? Another neighborhood? I did know that I was hungry after yesterday’s long post, so I headed out with the intent of

It had to come to this

I am otherwise ready. The grant proposals are the mail, the bills are paid, the iPod is charged, and my mother has been given all my travel information she's been demanding for

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