Turn Your Back on Obama Day

So much for celebrating the inauguration. In this morning’s read of The Vicki Rant, I learned that President “Change You Can Believe In” Obama has chosen anti-gay, Proposition 8 proponent Rick Warren

The Pillory for Billary

Imagine, if you will, that a prominent corporation is holding final talks for its CEO position and one of the leading applicants invites her spouse to speak on her behalf at the

I expect better, Obama!

Vicki sent me a WTF message today on the McClurkin-Obama controversy. As the queer press is spinning it, the Obama campaign has gotten into bed with an anti-gay gospel singer. I would

What remains

Martin is right: I have neglected to talk of the parties, games nights, food fests and book group dinners that have normalized my life here in Berlin.

The End Game

The grass at least offers up 65 cents, which I pocket as a possible downpayment to a locksmith.