Auf der Fan Meile / On Fan Mile

Germany beat Argentina in an EXCELLENT match that had me biting my nails. Good lord. The first half sucked, but thereafter we had a tight game, 30 minutes of overtime and then

Über Alles

First a word from our sponsor… When I was growing up in the church (yes, you read that right), the call to come to Jesus was pitched somewhat like this: “you could

Back to School.

Peter makes funny faces, growls and jumps out the window to emphasize to make his points. Auf, mit, an, durch. Prepositions, boys and girls, in case you are guessing. But no more

Balcony daze.

Niels is on his way over. We’ll make hamburgers with our fingers in raw ground meat. We’ll ditch purity for fries from the freezer section. But we’ll eat on the balcony. That’s

No, it is not weakness.

I told Eckhart that our tour of Berlin couldn’t start until noon. I’m having folks over for games on Monday night, I said, and I need the morning to sweep the floors,

The Mix Tape

I recall an article that I read some time ago that talked about the joy and intimacy of the mix tape. And you may remember, “High Fidelity” touched on this as well.

I *said* I can't explain it!

It was a federal holiday at home, for which I got one sweetly nonsensical “Happy Martin Luther King Day” message, a forward of the New York Times article on the family breakdown

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